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Jun 14 2009

“You’re hired!”

I’M GONNA BE A TEACHER!! I just got a call, and I’m going to be teaching 5th grade math and science next year! Yayyy!!!! I interviewed on Wednesday with the principal of the school, and really liked her—apparently she’s really intense, but she strikes me as also being a very nice person. The school is all in trailers (I don’t know exactly how many there are), and the inside is very nice—lots of paintings and color…and air conditioning, thank goodness!! It’s funny though—I had all these plans about what I was gonna do in my classroom as far as classroom management and books we would read and all that, all with the assumption I’d be teaching in a self-contained classroom (where I have one group of students all day and teach them all subjects), but now I’m teaching the ENTIRE fifth grade throughout the week, and all the teachers are expected to use the same management framework—so this whole prospect of teaching only 2 subjects has kind of thrown me for a loop. Talking with second year corps members though, apparently this is the best situation—teaching younger kids, but only teaching a subject or two—because there’s a lot less planning and it’s more concentrated.
In other exciting news, I think I found a house—a few of us went house hunting yesterday, and we found this ADORABLE 4 bedroom 4 bathroom place in the Garden District, so hopefully that will work out! ?
I’m currently sitting on the plane waiting to get to our gate in Denver so we can hop on our connection to Phoenix. So it’s off to the ‘tute we go! I’m kind of ready to get started—as crazy and intense as Institute is supposed to be, I’m ready to actually put all this into practice. A lot of the stuff we talked about at Induction was kind of unnecessary information—I felt like it was just to sort of fill time—but now it’s actually gonna be about the stuff I’ll be doing in my classroom…and I’ll be in a classroom in a week!
Other than all that, I’ve been meeting a lot of really fun and nice people—I hope we get to spend a lot of time with just the GNO people at Institute. I think there are something like 6 or 7 different regions in Phoenix though, so we’ll see!
Time to hit the ground running!!!!!

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